Suresh Kumar

Yoga with Suresh Kumar


His studio address is
Schlösslistrasse 15, 3008 Bern

Suresh teaches in English.
PDFs auf deutsch / in German with information
about the classes:

Stundenplan 2. Feb. - 4. Juli 2015

Lageplan Schlösslistrasse 15, Bern

Hatha Yoga in Steffisburg

Hatha Yoga in Gümligen

Hatha Yoga

Suresh grew up in the tradition of yoga in India,
following his family custom. For many dedicated years
he lived with the masters and has been initiated
into the classical yoga and its way of living, as
it has been the practise over the centuries.

In Switzerland, Suresh continues as a yoga teacher
and traditional therapist. He teaches yoga in a simple
and clear manner. He has a gentle yet profound way of
passing on his knowledge and understanding of yoga.

phone: 079 / 1 22 50 40

Suresh's new website is
under construction.